Feature 1

Never has the "last-mile" service been as close as it is now - at your HOME.

This service would be made possible by COLD-CAB which includes a refrigerator, freezer and a package shelf.

When ordering food or parcels, add the CAB access code to the order. The courier opens the door with this code and places the ordered goods. VoilĂ !

Feature 2

COLD-CAB is an innovative product installed next to the front door

- courier delivery of food and goods directly into the room.

COLD-CAB consists of:

  • 24 L refrigerator
  • 18 L freezer
  • 89-180 L package shelf (depends on height)
Feature 3

We give you the FREEDOM

to order your food or other parcel home by courier, whether there is someone to receive your parcel at home or not.

At the same time, the courier also has the FREEDOM of home delivery - to make the journey at the right time before you arrive home giving you and them a flexible schedule.